Tips and Tricks!

Here is another tip for today:

Have you ever cooked rice and had a lot of it stick to the walls of your pan? You scrape at the rice but most of the time it doesn't come off until you have soaked your pan. That is a lot of wasted rice!!!! Next time you need to cook your rice try spraying the pan or rice cooker bowl with a little cooking spray. You'll be amazed- the rice won't stick to the pan which means- no soaking to get it off your pan and more rice in your recipe not stuck in your pan! This also works great in the crockpot too- with any recipe I have tried!

I learned a new one the other day that I thought I would share! To keep your cookies soft after you bake them- store them in a paper bag-yep that's what I said I paper bag! And I always thought putting them in a plastic bag would do the trick...... I am eager to try the paper bag idea!